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Thieves In Action

If they will steal listings and information from me, they will steal your money from you.

As far as I'm concerned, this is FRAUD.

I'm all done playing nice. I'm no longer going waste my time contacting these people to ask them to remove information stolen from SE from their websites, listings, etc. From now on, I'm just going to publish their name and information on our wall of shame so that everyone can see what kind of THIEVES they're dealing with!


Thief (added 8/8/16): Kellie Faulkner

Enchanted magickal & spirited spell goodies

 An example of the thievery taking place:


 Our Listing: http://spirited-enterprise.mybigcommerce.com/male-blue-dragon/


Thief: Moon Spirit Boutique

Many of her listings have our wording in them but just as an example:

Actual Listing


Our Listing 


Screen Shot:





Thief: avedasmagicalspells

What she stole:

Actual Listing


Proof She stole it:



Screen Shots 






Thief #1:


What she stole:


Screen Shots of the Theft (Click "SEE FULL ALBUM" at the end of the slide show for larger images)


spiritedenterprise's Stonehenge7sisterstheft album on Photobucket


spiritedenterprise's Proof of Stonehenge7sisters Theft album on Photobucket

 Parts of this listing are copyrighted and are unique to our Demon General listings here at Spirited Enterprise. We copyright our information so that we can prove these listings belong to us.




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