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On Being a Fairy Keeper

 Being a fairy keeper for over half my life, I have learned that it is not always as easy as one would think.

I am constantly on the lookout for tools of the Fairy Keepers Trade. Potential vessels, scented candles, incense, small stones, nesting boxes, beads and trinkets that I think they may like. It's a never ending task, especially when you have hundreds of little friends to care for.

Being a fairy keeper is a passion. I do not recommend it for the frivolous.

Fairies live everywhere. There are fairies that dwell in lakes, in the sea, in forests, in fields, in trees, in hills, in gardens, in sub-below zero temperatures, you name it!

Like all other creatures, there are good and evil fae.
Those that are good in nature can be extremely devoted to the human race. However, those that are not?well, they can be pretty nasty.

There are literally, hundreds of fairy breeds. For more information on the individual breeds, please refer to our store listings and the Fairy Dictionary found in the Collecting Spirits section of Charm School.